Porobilo_5We, the Veza family, have a rich tradition in catering tourists from all over the world since 1965. During that time period, we gathered valuable experience which has enabled us to create a recognizable image; we are known for our hospitality, tolerance, discretion, and the
ability to create a pleasant atmosphere that leave a memorable impression for our guests. The location is perfect for complete relaxation in the vicinity of the sea, with the absence of noise except the sound of waves. Accommodation is completed with catering service with the indigenous furnished tavern "POROBILO" where visitors can enjoy seafood specialties and drinking homemade wine with music and precious companionship.

Konoba Konoba

It is worth noting that the family is exclusively engaged with tourism and as such, the Veze family produces agricultural products, which constitutes the majority of the menu.

We warmly welcome your call and hope to hearing from you.


Older part of Brist was located underneath the mountain Biokovo, but it was abandoned in 19th century, and a new one was built alongside the coast. The area was inhabited in prehistoric times, which is proved by the remains from the Bronze and Iron Iron Age.

The place is mentioned for the first time in 1571. In the old part is a decorated tombstone, ruins of baroque church of sv. Margarita and a birthplace of poet Fr. Andrija Kačić Miočić (1704-1760).

In the new part lies the church of sv. Margarita built in 1870. and a church of st. Ante Padovanski from 1807.