@croatia.hr_1Come to know the miraculous Dubrovnik - the medieval town-pearl of South Dalmatia, listed as such in the UNESCO registry of world monumental heritage. This is a town of a long-standing tourist tradition, ready to meet the most sophisticated requests of its visitors. The town of museums and festivals, the town of taverns and restaurants, the place of a mild Mediterranean climate and wonderful landscapes confirms the famous saying of the Irish writer Bernard Shaw: "Those who look for a paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik." (120km)


@croatia.hr_2The town of Korcula, the historical centre of the island, has a very nice location in the Peljesac Channel. It is also known for its outstanding cultural and historical heritage and a long tradition in seafaring, shipbuilding and stone-masonry. It is the birthplace of the adventurer and traveller Marco Polo. Today Korcula is an important tourist centre. Tourism has a years-long tradition on the island. The first modern hotel, Korcula, was opened in 1912, in a building erected in 1871. Hotel guests have been enjoying the sunset at the hotel terrace for decades, which is a unique experience in the early summer.


@croatia.hr_3Welcome to Split - a 1700-year-old city located in the heart of Central Dalmatia! The Roman Cesar Diocletian ruled the world from this city, leaving an inheritance of architecture that takes ones breath away.
Aside from that, Split will impress you with the southern temperament of its citizens and its excellent tourist offerings.
Of interest to sports enthusiasts, along with the many sporting venues, is the fact that Split has given the American NBA three basketball players! Come and convince yourself that Split's charm is irresistible. (90km)